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Money makes the world go round.
The well known British cartoon from 1797 in which the Prime Minister - Pitt the Younger - takes advantage of the Bank of England's ability to print money to finance the wars with France.
Alan Turing
The widely accepted father of computer science.
Homer Simpson
Trying out those brand new math 'skills'.
The Rosetta Stone
Visitors to the Btitish Museum appear to be fascinated by the Rosetta stone.
Codexcoding provides software development and training services in A.I., Machine Learning, Robotics, Scientific and Financial computing and Website development.
Science is experiencing a revolution
Scientific breakthroughs to accelerate.
In addition to the changes in digital technology pure science itself is in the midst of a revolution. This revolution is powered by new discoveries that span the full gamut of scientific interest - from physics to chemistry, to biology, to medicine, to earth science and to astronomy.
Space travel, the reversal of human ageing, computer control via telepathy, a cure for cancer and infinite clean energy are all now becoming feasible. Accelerating scientific breakthroughs in all of these areas means that there are now far more realistic prospects of comprehensive solutions. 

These headline grabbing breakthroughs are not the only discoveries - they are complemented by a large range of smaller discoveries. Collectively the new scientific breakthroughs - big and small - are certain to alter the way we live. Indeed, the new scientific discoveries may well enter a virtuous circle with the 'Technology Acceleration' in the digital realm with discoveries in each area helping support progress in the other.









Finance is also experiencing a revolution
Finance will take full advantage of AI
Finance is undergoing a parallel revolution  to the revolutions in technology and science.  Deep learning - the field of machine learning using multi-layered neural networks - is now emerging as finance's new tool of choice.

Financial companies are experimenting with 'sentiment analysis' that uses algorithms to look at press coverage and social media to predict stock movements. Another approach is machine self-reprogramming where continuous automatic learning creates an adjustment function allowing an investment strategy to maintain its predictive capability when a market regime changes.

So far the impact of machine learning in finance has been mixed. The Medallion hedge fund is an exception enjoying returns of close to 80% since its inception in 1988. Medallion is an example of a world class organisation that thrives on the opportunities provided by new technology due to its strategy of securing the best possible talent. However, other financial organisations often struggle to productively integrate new technologies.

Both finance and economics face the dilemma that the new tools have a poor relationship with the theories and mathematical models that underpin each subject. It is possible that in the end this proves constructive as each subject is forced to find new ways to approach old ideas.

Software is now a competitive weapon
Python has the tools needed to respond.
For scientific and financial computing Codexcoding makes use of the following Python software libraries:-
▪ Pandas, Numpy, Scipy - for mathematical manipulation
▪ Cubes - for multidimensional analysis
▪ Cvxopt - for quadratic optimisation
▪ Matplotlib - for graphical output
In addition, Python has the following specialist science libraries. For symbolic computation, SymPy; for networks, NetworkX; for psychology, PsychoPy; for evolution algorithms, DEAP; for biology and bioinformatics, Biopython) and for astronomy, Astropy and SunPy.

Python also has specialist finance libraries. For option pricing, Pyfin; for algorithmic trading, Zipline; for technical analysis, TA-Lib; for portfolio and instrument risk analysis, Qfrm and for time series analysis, Dynts.











Codexcoding is able help you.
Fact: In 1976 Richard achieved the highest marks at Oxford University (A+++), with grades unknown in University history. This result formed the head of a primate distribution - i.e., with no intermediate results when compared to the remaining student body.
Codexcoding, owned and run by Richard Griffiths, enables organisational change by providing custom built software solutions and by training staff in leading edge software libraries.
From the start Richard's career has been rooted in technology. His first position after Oxford University was with an oil major. The organisation planned that he would eventually head up the IT division. It was here that Richard developed his interest in information technology and learnt to code.

Since then Richard has built his career through using coding skills to solve strategic level business problems. He has been employed by some of the top organisations and business leaders in the world to do this.

If you are an organisational or business leader looking to undertake software related change you should consider talking to Codexcoding to see the perspectives and skills that are available to you.















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