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IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty on AI
on May 26, 2017  at 12:31 PM by Richard Griffiths


IBM believes that in the future anything that is digital will be cognitive. This will totally change the way businesses are run.


IBM has redefined itself as a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company. This is IBM’s big bet for its long term future.

IBM sees AI as a subset of cognitive as for IBM cognitive includes man and not just machine. Cognitive recognises the limitations of human intelligence and seeks to find solutions that go beyond human reasoning.

IBM sees cloud platforms as the locus of future innovation with entrepreneurs using cloud based resources to develop proprietary solutions. Cloud platforms provide entrepreneurs an arena where there can be constant learning.

IBM’s ‘Watson’ is IBM’s cognitive brand. Watson goes beyond the ability to deal with routine AI tasks such as processing natural languages, unstructured data and images. Watson includes domain knowledge which means it has the ability to understand, reason and learn. This provides Watson the ability to provide assistance to humans who are looking at ‘grey area’ problems where full evidence is required for decision making.

Watson therefore provides access to a different world of solutions and Rometty believes Watson has the ability to solve what up to now have been unsolvable problems. Rometty conjectures that with constant learning even world level problems may eventually become solvable.

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