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Money makes the world go round.
The well known British cartoon from 1797 in which the Prime Minister - Pitt the Younger - takes advantage of the Bank of England's ability to print money to finance the wars with France.
Alan Turing
The widely accepted father of computer science.
Homer Simpson
Trying out those brand new math 'skills'.
The Rosetta Stone
Visitors to the Btitish Museum appear to be fascinated by the Rosetta stone.
Codexcoding provides software development and training services in A.I., Machine Learning, Robotics, Scientific and Financial computing and Website development.
The 'Technology Acceleration' has no limit
Technology's dominance will only intensify.
Business, social communities and life in general all have already been transformed by the revolutions in processing power, computer memory, mobile technology, sensors, the internet, the cloud, big data, plus a range of new software paradigms with social media now routinely embedded in people's lives.

As the adjustment to these technologies is still occurring new technologies are already arriving. The most important technologies of the next decade are likely to be:-
▪ AI and IA - IA being intelligent  assistance based on AI algorithms
▪ Robotics and autonomous transport
 ▪ Advanced materials - e.g.  degradable plastics,  vegetarian meat
▪ Biotechnology and genetic engineering
▪ Geoengineering and energy technologies
▪ Nanotechnologies - i.e. engineering at the atomic level
▪ Quantum technologies - i.e. engineering using quantum properties

Technology is already a dominant force in how the world is organized. The impact of future technology plus the more effective use of existing technology means that the phenomenon of technology dominance is likely to intensify and at an accelerating rate.

A.I.'s potential is now being fully realized
AlphaGo shows the future is already here.
The crucial example of the power of the new emerging technologies is the victory of Google's AlphaGo over the Go world champion Lee Sedol. The ancient Chinese board game of Go has more legal moves than there are atoms in the universe. Therefore creating an algorithm to beat the best player in the world is many orders of magnitude more difficult than creating a world championship level chess algorithm.

Google's DeepMind division used 'deep learning' to build AlphaGo, with AlhpaGo finally beating Lee by 4 games to 1 - deep learning being an AI algorithm that uses multi-layered neural networks to learn how to accomplish a specific goal.

The implications of the AlhpaGo victory are enormous. It not only means that AI - which has had many false starts since its inception in the 1950s - has 'become of age', but far more importantly it means that the 'future has already arrived' as the age of cognitive technology is already with us.







Software is now a competitive weapon
Python has the tools needed to respond.
One reason for Codexcoding's focus on the Python language is the richness of Python's software libraries. Examples of Python's leading-edge software libraries include:-

A.I. and Machine Learning
▪ SciKit Learn - an extensive machine learning library
▪ TensorFlow - a neural network library developed by Google
▪ TKLearn - a high level abstraction of TensorFlow

▪ ROS -  the principal international open source resource for robotics
▪ Gazeebo - a robot simulation libary
▪ Pyrobot - a robot interface library
▪ Robotframework - a generic robot testing framework

Scientific and Financial computing
▪ Scypy,  Numpy  and Pandas - mathematical processing libraries
▪ Matplotlib - a graphical plotting library

Web Development
▪ Django - a fully developed website framework
▪ Flask - a miniature website framework allowing adaption
▪ Requests - Python's main http framework



Codexcoding is able help you.
From the start Richard's career has been rooted in technology. His first position after Oxford University was with an oil major. The organisation planned that he would eventually head up the IT division. It was here that Richard developed his interest in information technology and learnt to code.

Since then Richard has built his career through using coding skills to solve strategic level business problems. He has been employed by some of the top organisations and business leaders in the world to do this.

If you are an organisational or business leader looking to undertake software related change you should consider talking to Codexcoding to see the perspectives and skills that are available to you.


Fact: In 1976 Richard achieved the highest marks at Oxford University (A+++), with grades unknown in University history. This result formed the head of a primate distribution - i.e., with no intermediate results when compared to the remaining student body.
Codexcoding, owned and run by Richard Griffiths, enables organisational change by providing custom built software solutions and by training staff in leading edge software libraries.











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