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Money makes the world go round.
The well known British cartoon from 1797 in which the Prime Minister - Pitt the Younger - takes advantage of the Bank of England's ability to print money to finance the wars with France.
Alan Turing
The widely accepted father of computer science.
Homer Simpson
Trying out those brand new math 'skills'.
The Rosetta Stone
Visitors to the Btitish Museum appear to be fascinated by the Rosetta stone.
Codexcoding provides software development and training services in A.I., Machine Learning, Robotics, Scientific and Financial computing and Website development.
Artificial Intelligence has 'come of age'
Deep learning is the nexus of change ...
Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged as a sub field of computer science in the 1950s with the goal of programming machines to replicate human intelligence. Until recently AI's main goal has remained largely unfulfilled, however, the effect of increased processing power combined with the spike in data availability due to mobile technologies is now changing this.

Currently by far the most promising area of AI is 'machine 'learning' and currently by far the most productive part of 'machine learning' is 'deep learning' which using multi-layered neural networks to train programs to make predictions or find patterns in seemingly chaotic data.
A diagram of a perceptron - an early type of neural net
Deep learning is now used pervasively by large organisations and is behind much of the intelligence in Google and Facebook. Deep learning is effectively turning the world upside down as what seemed impossible to accomplish through AI is fast becoming routine.








AI will eventually pervade everything
organizations must prepare for this future.
The key AI development is deep learning's ability to effectively deliver previously unimaginably intelligent solutions. AI as yet is still unable to deliver 'broad intelligence' but its solutions are no longer superficial. AI will progressively broaden but the implication of genuine intelligence even in relatively narrow fields is still profound.

IBM's Watson system is an example of where AI already has developed the ability to mimic human thinking tasks. For example Watson can automatically read a selection of technical articles and then summarise the key points for and against a particular hypothesis. Watson is already operational in parts of the medical and financial sectors.

Similar developments are occurring in the internet of things (IoT). In the future routine objects will be connected and imbued with both AI and IA (artificial assistance based on AI ) with both being instantly available when human decisions are required.

It is clear that in the future AI and IA will increasingly pervade everything. The challenge for organisations is to recognise this and work out how best to prepare for this future.

Software is now a competitive weapon
Python has the tools needed to respond.
In the areas of AI and machine learning Codexcoding makes use of the following Python software libraries:-
▪ Skikit learn - an extensive library of  machine learning algorithms
▪ Tensorflow and TFlearn - specialist libraries for machine learning with neural networks

▪ Pandas, Numpy, Scipy and Matplotlib - for mathematical manipulation and graphing output

Constructing effective software solutions in the area of AI and machine learning requires an understanding of the principles and mathematics of different problem types. 

Codexcoding has relied on the following online materials for educational purposes:-
▪ MIT OCW 16.034 - 'Artificial Intelligence' taught by Professor Patrick Wilson
▪ Stanford University online CS229 - 'Machine Learning' taught by Professor Andrew Ng
▪ Professor Geoffrey Hinton's online Coursera course 'Neural Networks for Machine Learning'.




Codexcoding is able to help you.
Fact: In 1976 Richard achieved the highest marks at Oxford University (A+++), with grades unknown in University history. This result formed the head of a primate distribution - i.e., with no intermediate results when compared to the remaining student body.
Codexcoding, owned and run by Richard Griffiths, enables organisational change by providing custom built software solutions and by training staff in leading edge software libraries.
From the start Richard's career has been rooted in technology. His first position after Oxford University was with an oil major. The organisation planned that he would eventually head up the IT division. It was here that Richard developed his interest in information technology and learnt to code.

Since then Richard has built his career through using coding skills to solve strategic level business problems. He has been employed by some of the top organisations and business leaders in the world to do this.

If you are an organisational or business leader looking to undertake software related change you should consider talking to Codexcoding to see the perspectives and skills that are available to you.














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