Codexcoding is an independent software development business
Money makes the world go round.
The well known British cartoon from 1797 in which the Prime Minister - Pitt the Younger - takes advantage of the Bank of England's ability to print money to finance the wars with France.
Alan Turing
The widely accepted father of computer science.
Homer Simpson
Trying out those brand new math 'skills'.
The Rosetta Stone
Visitors to the Btitish Museum appear to be fascinated by the Rosetta stone.

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Codexcoding provides software development and training services in A.I., Machine Learning, Robotics, Scientific and Financial computing and Website development.
The 'Technology Acceleration' means that the need for STEM (Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics) and CS (Computer and Science) skills will grow at an accelerating rate with the supply of skill unable to keep up with demand. An important consequence is that organisations now face the threat of a perpetual skill gap. Codexcoding aims to help organisations turn this threat into an opportunity through targeted software training.

The last decade has seen the world enter the age of 'Technology Acceleration'. Often dubbed the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' this phenomenon refers to the new power of digital technology - especially A.I. and cognitive technologies - to bring massive transformative change in the economic, social, physical and biological spheres.

The corollary is that organisations now face the problem of adjusting to continuous technical change. For organisations that lack the in-house skill to adapt to continuous digital change, Codexcoding provides custom built software solutions and training in leading edge programming language.

What is Codexcoding?
Software solutions and training through ...
Codexcoding is an independent software business providing software solutions and software training for clients.

Codexcoding provides software solutions and training in the following areas:-
▪ AI and Machine Learning
▪ Neural networks and Deep Learning
▪ Robotics
▪ Scientific computing and modelling
▪ Financial computing and modelling
▪ Website development
▪ Website scraping services
Strategic Level Business Experience
In addition to software expertise Codexcoding also has significant experience in building software solutions to solve strategic level business problems. Codexcoding therefore possesses the capability to seamlessly combine leading edge software skills with strategic level business experience to help drive organisational change.










Programming language diversity
in depth programming knowledge, and...
Codexcoding uses the general purpose languages of Python, C, C++, C# and Java plus the website coding languages of Html, Php, Django, Flask and Javascript.
Python is Codexcoding's main language of choice due to its very extensive software library. Importantly Python's compact style means it is the programming language taught in most major US universities. Because of its academic links Python therefore assumes an exceptional position in global digital innovation and is certain to remain as a leading-edge language that ideal for both inventive and entrepreneurial needs.

As the 'technology acceleration' unfolds further it can be expected that Python will continue to capture more of the growing inventive space. It is interesting to note that Python has been Google's language of choice through much of its history.












Strategic level business experience
strategic level implementation experience.
Codexcoding is owned and run by Richard Griffiths. With Masters degrees from M.I.T. and Oxford University, Richard combines fifteen years of coding experience with a wide range of strategic level business experience.

Codexcoding therefore produces multidisciplinary coding and training solutions combining perspectives from technology, strategy and man management. Richard's experience in these respective areas are:-

▪ Chief technology analyst for an oil major with the organization's plan for Richard to run the organization's technology division.
▪ Executive positions with software solutions integral to each role (e.g. the launch of a $2bn g
lobal investment company)

▪ Global Investment Strategist for a main line investment bank
▪ Strategy Consultant with the The Boston Consulting Group

Man Management
▪ Training consultant to a top tier finance training company
▪ Managing Director of a subsidiary of FTSE100 company with over 300 staff



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